Welcome to Beechwood Solutions Ltd

Welcome to Beechwood Solutions Ltd

A document signing and investigation service for personal injury solicitors. If your caseload involves acting for clients who live some distance from your office, then perhaps we could be of help to you.

Our services are fully described here but briefly include:

  • Attending clients to explain, and obtain their signatures on, Conditional Fee Agreements and associated documents.
  • Obtaining Statements of Truth from clients and witnesses.
  • Tracing of clients and witnesses.
  • Producing locus reports.
  • Scarring photographs.
  • Money Laundering ID Checks
  • Evidence gathering to support claims.
  • Conducting Police interviews.
  • Process Serving.
  • CICA and MIB papers explained and signatures obtained.

Our overall purpose is to act as a bridge between you and your clients. Operating nationally has huge advantages for firms of solicitors, but inevitably leads to a lack of personal contact with clients which we can restore. Dealing with our agents face to face at the outset of a claim results in higher rates of client satisfaction than is possible with merely a telephone and postal relationship.

We cover the whole of the UK with our network of mature, reliable agents who are selected specifically for their ability to deal with people from all walks of life, in a calm and reassuring way.

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